Picture Winter: Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

Almost 2 feet of snow and 2 snow days led to much chaos in this house but it was all good. Tonight, as I was putting the kids to bed, I asked them what were their favorite things they did the past two days… one said, “deck diving”, yes he dove head first into the snow off the deck and I have it on video! The other said that it was spending time with me, so sweet. Both agreed that sledding and playing in the snow was definitely a fav. I have the best memories of snow days when I was a kid, not so much what I did during the day but when my Dad got home from work and would shovel and snowblow the driveway while my sister and I would play outside in the dark alongside and we’d dig tunnels and forts and pretend we were Eskimos huddled up in our igloos. Today I was thinking about what memories my kids will take away from snow days.

The above shot is the controlled chaos of the sleds in our yard. What you don’t see is the aftermath of clothing littering the mudroom which can be described as complete icy, wet chaos.

Stella enjoying berries

Stella has been taking advantage of her increased height by stealing berries off the weeping cherry tree. Here she looks back at me looking a little guilty for being caught in the act. I was so happy this morning when I saw a photo of Stella that I submitted to Mortal Muses being featured. You can see it here.


4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Controlled Chaos

  1. becky sue– thanks so much for the comment on picture winter. funnily enough, i am actually taking kim’s class as we speak. she’s just opened up the whole world of blending layers and color adjustments that i never knew anything about. i just wish i had more time to play with old photos! if you have any other recommendations for online courses, i’d love to hear them. i’m on a learning kick and feel like i need to feed it while i can! // now, as for your PW images for today, i love those sleds. the color is just striking and so vivid! and it looks like you shot under bright sunlight. if so, i’m impressed by how you controlled the dark shadows. thx again & see you at PW!

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