Picture Winter: Beyond the Chill

Beyond the chill

Today’s challenge was “to move beyond the frost and seek the beauty that exists just beyond it for it is there. It’s your job today to find it.” A challenge for sure when all we see around us is snow. Snow that’s almost up above my knees (and I’m tall). Venturing into the snow requires snow/ski pants otherwise you’ve got jeans caked and boots full of it. I did just that today in search of today’s prompt. The sun has been visible the past two days although it hasn’t warmed up all that much but that, combined with the heat generated by the house, has been enough to melt some of the rooftop snow and create striking icicles. My interpretation is looking beyond the ice to the bright blue sky.

Frozen beauty

I found ice covering many of the plants on the ground too.

Ice baby

Hopefully that beautiful ice won’t work against us and force water into the house. Fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Beyond the Chill

  1. You certainly found some beauty!
    Great focus in the first, love the splash of red in the second, and tiny little air bubbles in the last.
    So glad I’m not a true Texan, I probably wouldn’t know what snow pants are 😉

  2. I am smitten with that last shot. The subtle lines in your background follow the lines in the ice. It all flows so nice. And I love the little captures of ice in the icicle too. So nice! (sorry to hear icicles are no longer your friends…how the problems resolves easily!!)

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