Picture Winter: Center of Attention

Center of attention

Today’s prompt was to “pay attention to one subject that tends to keep showing up in your work – something that captures your eye, time and time again, and begs to be the center of attention for your creativity.” If I had followed these guidelines strictly I would have had to venture outside to photograph something that keeps showing up in my work BUT it was nasty outside. The kids were home again for another snow/ice day so, of course, they were the center of my attention today and they didn’t even have to beg.

Eye C U

My oldest son (10) plays the upright bass. In second grade he started with the cello which he played for 3 years before deciding to switch to bass. It has a beautiful sound and it’s BIG. It’s too big for him to transport so I get the honor of delivering it to his lessons. He also plays the electric bass and will soon be trying out for the jazz band. He’s got the music in him unlike his not so musically inclined mom.

1/4 bass

It’s really a gorgeous instrument.


4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Center of Attention

  1. I love that first shot – very playful. 🙂 I think the upright bass is awesome. My son is going to start with piano, but I love the strings and used to play violin back in the day.

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