Picture Winter: Winter’s Pull

Snow day #4

So much more beautiful on black click here.

Today’s prompt, “It (winter) requires you to go out there and pull.
Work harder to find shape and line in composition. Work harder to bend whatever light you have. Change your position: capitalize. Work harder to find colour and depth in monochrome.” I worked real hard for this one from inside my warm cozy house. *wink* We experienced our 4th snow day in two weeks. The kids were so happy. Our roof is not. I really do have a much greater appreciation for snow this year. I love the pretty pictures that it makes (but not the leaks that it creates).

These fronds are so spectacular in so many settings. Right now the sun is glistening off them making them glow but earlier today they were full of new fallen snow. I also love how the snow covered trees in the background and the falling snow give it so much depth and texture. I’m also working a new skill here, actions! Free from Pioneer Woman and MCP actions. Fun!


4 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Winter’s Pull

  1. I like the little hint of color from the grasses and leftover leaves on the trees.
    Those white thingies (whatever they are) always remind me of summer, and how they seem to glow in the sunlight.
    It does look beautiful on black…. one of the reasons why I chose a dark theme for my blog 🙂

  2. It does look very nice on black. I thought about a dark blog theme, but it the end I felt like the bright white was more inviting. That’s a nice action. I’ve never tried those, but I don’t know if you can use them with Elements, rather than full-blown Photoshop.

  3. Nice! We are a little tired of snow down here. I love it, but our kids have missed about seven days of school so far! Things just shut down when it snows in Tennessee.

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