A winter visit to Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine waterfront
Portland waterfront

My husband and I were able to get away for a couple nights to Maine. We got together with some old friends, drank really good beer and did a little shopping… can’t go to Maine without a stop at LL Bean.

Casco Bay ferry

Our hotel looked out on the water and most of my photos were taken from in the hotel room. It was just too dang cold outside to explore with the camera.

Light beacon

I brought my 100-400 zoom lens so I was able to get decent photos of subjects like this light beacon which were quite far away… you can see it behind the boat in the photo above.

Casco Bay ferry dock

And this guy who was practicing some kind of ocean worship.

Tug Boats

Not sure if these are considered tug boats or not but we figured they must be the harbor master since they were escorting the tankers into the bay.

Casco Bay Ferry parking garage

I always admire night photography when I see the work of others online but there’s not much opportunity here where we don’t even have streetlights. I put my camera on top of a light shade, turned all of the lights off in the hotel room to eliminate reflections on the window and put my camera on a 10-second timer. I was pretty happy with the result of my first experiment.

Rufus Deering Lumber

I only had my camera outside twice. This shot was because I love the architecture of these old buildings and that a lumber company is run out of an old house.

Tree silhouette at sunset

And this was a short distance from one of the homes we visited. I was fortunate to arrive right at the golden hour to capture this gorgeous light and color.

Tomorrow I’ll catch up on a little Picture Winter.

5 thoughts on “A winter visit to Portland, Maine

  1. Oh, that last one is fabulous! Love the light. I can’t wait to visit Maine! It’s official: We’ll be spending the whole month of June at Acadia National Park!! I am sooo excited. My husband will be doing research at MDIBL, and I’ll be exploring with the kids. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the ocean worship pose like the guy in your photo. šŸ™‚

  2. I agree, the last one is gorgeous!
    Looks like a nice place. Maine could be our vacation destination this summer… the lobsters are calling Greg’s name! šŸ˜‰
    We shall see, we haven’t made any decisions yet.

  3. I was wondering if you had perhaps disappeared for a nice little weekend! I can only imagine the temps there! I love Portland too – looks like you got a shot of the Peak’s Island ferry. My sister and brother-in-law vacation there and I’ve visited.
    Your night shot is cool!
    Love, love Maine!
    @Michaela – if you head up to Maine, you will have to let us know! I’m sure Becky and I could “sacrifice” and make a little trip to meet you there!

    • Karen, that sounds like fun! I will let you both know when I have more details and we have ou route mapped out. Who knows, maybe we can arrange for something a little closer to you šŸ˜‰

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