Picture Winter Days 22, 23 & 24


This prompt was to photograph a table centerpiece. I have a couple interesting and artsy centerpieces that I intended to get creative with but spied our cat, Bean, sitting on the dining room table soaking up the sun.

Cat man do

Poor Bean is old and deaf. She’s not a big fan of Stella either so we don’t see the cat an awful lot. Smart of her to get on the table where Stella can’t pester her.

High strung

Linking up with Life with my 3 Boybarians and Sweet Shot Tuesday.

“From lights, to streamers, to celebratory garlands, a simple strand of something special makes everything more festive.” I bought this Valentine banner a few years ago, it’s about 10′ long with each of the conversation hearts measuring approx. 2″. This one is dedicated to my Mom whose name is Candy.


“Can you picture something frozen today? Something slushy, icy, cold, wet. And can you disorient yourself? Take a shot or two at it, just for fun.” My only disorientation came with a brain freeze caused by temperatures below zero. Antagonizing Stella throughout the yard are these squirrel tracks and, apparently, squirrel poo as pointed out by my son. I just thought it was a bird seed shell but what do I know?

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