Picture Winter: Details of Winter

Winter Details

I’ve been wanting to capture this grass on our neighbors property for quite some time but none of the prompts have really fit until today. Today it fit because the possibilities were wide open. Now the difficulty with all this snow is getting close. I tried my 24-70mm lens but it wasn’t close enough so I pulled out the 100-400mm so I could stay on the street and still get close to the grass. Sure I could have put my ski pants and boots on but that would also mean that I would most likely get caught on my neighbors property and then what would the neighbors say?


7 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Details of Winter

  1. Meanwhile you neighbors were wondering what you were doing in the street with the camera pointed at their property 😉
    This is beautiful, love the texture, too. (And you didn’t need to wait for a prompt to capture this 😉 )

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