Picture Winter: Your Name in Lights

There is something special about hearing our name spoken by loved ones, or seeing it handwritten on a greeting card, gift tag, or even a Post it note for that matter. Being addressed personally and with affection is one of the best feelings there is.

Today, seek out your own name. Whether it’s typed in an email, on your keychain, or beautifully handwritten, celebrate yourself by capturing your name in lights.

What you see in the top photo are drops of food coloring in the snow. I was tempted to use the yellow food coloring but the grown up in me overruled. A sad thing, really.

I was at my parent’s house this weekend so I had my Mom write the name she gave me. She, like me, doesn’t like her handwriting but I love hers. This hand signed many of my cards, permission slips and notes in the day. I placed the signature in the sun and aligned it with the shadows given by the window then processed into black and white.

So excited to see one of my photos featured on Kim Klassen’s Every Day Pets, it’s #4.


2 thoughts on “Picture Winter: Your Name in Lights

  1. Your mom does have beautiful handwriting, and I like how the shadow underlines your name.
    The food coloring in the snow turned out really nice! I thought at first that you were using whole cloves or something similar to write your name. I think yellow food coloring would have been funny, BUT, I don’t think it would have been as visible.

  2. I thought it was cranberries before I read what you did it with! I guess folks had enough of the “yellow snow” with my entry for this prompt, LOL. I never thought it would appear that way when I used the gold glitter!

    Nice memories with your mom’s handwriting!

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