Picture Winter: Glimmers of Hope


On the days when you’re feeling like there’s no end in sight, what signs help remind you that change is on its way; that something new is right around the bend?

Today this is laughable being that it’s our 6th snow day. I just pulled the garbage cans to the end of the driveway through the already 3-4″ that has fallen then filled the bird feeders for what has got to be a tough winter to be a bird.

The above image was captured on Sunday when we celebrated my Mom’s upcoming birthday (tomorrow). Her birthday symbolizes the slightest glimmer of hope being that it’s Groundhog Day. I do believe that tomorrow the groundhog will not see his/her shadow since the northeast is due for yet another storm (and snow day #7! yay!) and legend has it that if he/she does not see their shadow then winter will soon be over. Fingers crossed.

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