Snow Day #6

Joy of Love Day 1

Wow, I don’t remember having this many snow days ever. I did most of my growing up in Vermont where it was pretty rare to get a snow day. This storm added another 6-8″ on top of what’s already measured in feet. And the beauty of it (sarcasm) is we are getting another storm tomorrow.

Here’s a little taste of our winter wonderland.

Stella hearts snow

This one makes me laugh, she looks so tiny amidst all that snow.

Solitary Stella

Looking down our street.


Looking up.


Our mailbox which is attached with a bungee cord and repeatedly knocked off with each passing of the plow.

Bungee mailbox

A little macro snowflake.


And, finally, sledding in the driveway. Our snow banks are so high that the kids (and Mom) can climb them and slide down.

make gif animation
Make gif animation


4 thoughts on “Snow Day #6

    They’re all great shots… looks like your mailbox will be completely buried soon! The kids seem to have a blast! 🙂

    Today is our second “snow” day in a row, and I found out yesterday, that one of the makeup days is May 30th. Memorial Day!!!!

  2. What a cool post! The shot with tiny Stella is a great perspective shot. I love, love, love the snowflake shot. I was looking for an individual snowflake to shoot with my new extension tubes yesterday – never thought of trying on the dogs (I’m assuming that’s Stella? Or is it something like a scarf?)
    The GIF animation is wicked cool too!

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