The Joy of Love Week 1

How they look

How they look.

I’ve got my hands in many photo projects. This one in particular is The Joy of Love, you can click on the link on the right hand side of this blog for more info. but basically it’s another daily prompt and in this case it’s free! I post to Flickr each day but will probably save my blog updates to once a week.

Then and Now

Then and now.

What he wears

What they wear.

Love to hate

Love to hate.

This is good inspiration for me because I’m more apt to take pictures of *things* than the ones that I love.


7 thoughts on “The Joy of Love Week 1

  1. Wow, Becky, those are some beautiful portraits!
    I’m the same way, and take more pictures of things, than of the ones I love… but that’s because the ones I love tend to run/hide from the camera!

  2. I take a billion pics of my baby girl and my personal blog is full of pics of her. I’ve been using this 365 project to branch out a little bit. 🙂 Love your pics.

  3. You really did some beautiful work with those pictures. They came out beautifully. I’m getting the prompts, but haven’t taken any photos for it yet. My loved ones seem to get awfully frustrated when the camera is pointed in their direction. 😦

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