Getting all mushy

Two hearts become yum

Sweet Shot Day

I have to admit to not being a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Not that I don’t appreciate romance or loving attention focused on me or me on others but I’ve always felt bad for people that are loveless or lonely and a holiday all about love is shoving it in their face.


However, I am having fun photographing Valentine inspired subjects.


I painted a small wall with chalkboard paint and this was part of a message written by one of the kids.

Eye love you

I’m lucky they’re such good sports and play along with my photography whims.

7 thoughts on “Getting all mushy

  1. I love them all, and thanks for the reminder to take some Valentine’s pictures…. now WHERE did I put those heart sprinkles? Are they even still around?? LOL
    Oh, and that last one is SO Sara!! I’ll have to find that picture and show you!

  2. That frosting picture is so tempting! I’m sitting here craving something sweet and then I saw that!
    What is your son holding? Those don’t look like traditional conversation hearts.

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