The Adrianne (a necklace)

The Adrianne

My friend Adrianne (Adrianne is a very talented and aspiring children’s photographer, check out her work here) asked me to make her a necklace with free design reign, my favorite kind. She did make two requests, that it utilize the initials “MMCO” for her husband and 3 kids and that it was made of mixed metals, copper and sterling silver. Good thing she wasn’t in a hurry because it took me a while to gather all of my inspiration. I did have one vision right from the start, a way to incorporate the initials.

Seen here on the Sundance Catalog website, where I often look for inspiration when creating my  jewelry.  But I didn’t want it to look exactly like this and I still needed to incorporate the copper.


So I added a little twist, I put the initials M and M on one side of the sterling silver and C and O on the other and then gave it the twist making all 4 initials visible.


I hammered the copper disk pendant and then added the XO which is the part (I think) that made her cry.

Adjustable 17-19"

The necklace is adjustable from 17″-19″.

Hook and eye

Not that I enjoy making people cry but it warms my heart knowing that something I made moved someone so much that it brought on emotions strong enough for tears. That in itself inspires me to create.

8 thoughts on “The Adrianne (a necklace)

  1. this is fantastic, you are clever. In answer to your question about running with a dog, I waited till the dogs were one year old and then did it really slowly just adding 10% each week so it took a while to get to half an hour. You need to make sure your dog is good at walking to heel first as she will have to run to heel if you go on the road otherwise she will just pull non stop and it won’t be fun!

  2. No idea why I haven’t visited your blog before now as I’ve seen your name on several blogs I read! You are incredibly creative in so many aspects! This necklace is beautifully thought out, so well-made and creatively photographed – perfect trifecta! 🙂

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