Joy of Love, Routines

Stella in profile

Early on Stella was taught to ring the chimes with her nose in order to go outside.

Stella needs to go out!

With the invisible fence we’re able to let her out all on her own. She is very careful of her boundaries and for this we are fortunate. What she doesn’t know and what the invisible fence people didn’t tell us is that the fence doesn’t work with more than 6 inches of snow. Nice of them to leave that part out.

She needs to go out, NOW!

Here’s the funny (and annoying) thing about the chimes… she rings them, the kids are at the table right next to her and don’t hear it. Sigh. So I have to yell from two rooms away for them to let the dog out. Who has who trained?

9 thoughts on “Joy of Love, Routines

  1. what a very clever and beautiful dog you have! wish mine could do that. I have an electric collar for one of my dogs that is never actually charged but she doesn’t know that, I bet your dog wouldn’t leave the boundary now.

  2. That is really cool with the chimes! Daphne has a tendency to jump at the door if she gets impatient to go outside. Teddy gently woofs or paws at the door or sometimes just stands there pointing his pointy nose at the door. We have a traditional fence, which I think the dogs could have stepped over last week when the ice made a crisp coating on the snow, but they never tested their boundary – thank goodness!

  3. I love the way the light in the third photograph illuminates all the other aspects captured there. I usually don’t get too excited about photos featuring animals, but this is beautiful.

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