Time to break out the running shoes

Running shoes

We are experiencing two days of spring-like temps and it’s really invigorating. If you close your eyes (so you don’t see the 2-3′ of snow), breathe deep and absorb the sun you can almost believe that it’s spring. Especially if you listen to the water running through the gutters due to the snow melting. Melt, snow, MELT!


So yesterday I went for my first jog outside in 2 months. 3ish miles of taking my life into my hands due to snowbanks impeding on the road. And today I’m going to do it again but with a friend who’s training for an entire marathon! and we’re going for 5ish miles. Tomorrow I’ll need a stretcher.


The training is on for the Vermont City Marathon on Memorial Day weekend. We found out last week that out of 1000 entrants our team was one of the lucky 700 chosen in the lottery. So, like last year, my husband and I will split the marathon by each running 13.1 miles. Also, like last year, we’ll be raising funds for animals in need.

Running bibs

I’m not a collector of things but I’m proud of my bibs. We’ll be adding a couple more this spring before the VCM in May. Running in these events is a huge motivator and incentive to keep in shape.


124 thoughts on “Time to break out the running shoes

  1. love the photos!!! i’m proud of all my bibs too – i have them plastered all over what i call my “race wall.” so great to look up at all that i’ve accomplished, especially when i’m in need of some motivation! enjoy the spring-like weather!

  2. I save my bibs too, and I love my half marathon shirts. They’re just basic t-shirts that I wear to lounge around my apartment, but they make me so happy. I love your picture of the runner stretching out of focus in the background.

  3. The weather has been great. My daughter is in elementary school and has signed up for a marathon which consist of 26 miles over a length of time with the final 1.2 miles to run on the last day at the school. It’s a real motivator for me as well to exercise.

  4. Great job on the running! I really need to start doing that! But like you, we’ve had snow! About 5-6inches of the stuff! It has finally melted, but even with the snow gone, it’s still chilly with the breeze! But the sun does feel great, when the wind isnt’ blowing! Good luck on your race!! I would definatley need a stretcher after all that! Would love for you to follow my blog? Just starting out! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. I have a gym membership I don’t use. Your post is an inspiration! I am feeling a little loser-ish though. Those shoes on your header look just like mine. Poor things, sitting in my closet aching to be put on. Maybe today … is the day! Perhaps if I stopped bloggin’ I would get to that… ya, ya, excuses excuses. I know.

  6. If that were only true here! However it doenst snow here but we’ve been laden with copious amounts of cold and rain this year. I hope to be on the pavement soon though, it’s calling my name. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Nice post.

    • I am totally a novice. The great thing about running is the only gear you really need are really good sneakers. I use Brooks sneakers and have for 5 years. I love them!

        • Hi Crispin, I use a Canon 7D DSLR. Are you in the market for a new camera? I’ve had the 7D for over a year now and it’s an ongoing learning process. Prior to the 7D I had a Canon Rebel, second generation. I have a variety of lenses too with none being a favorite since they all come in handy at one time or another. I have a 50mm 1.4, 100mm macro 2.8, 24-70 2.8 and my newest and least used is the 100-400mm. I’ll use the 100-400 this spring and summer when shooting sports and outdoors. Also, the 100-400mm is great for shooting birds which I know you have an affinity toward. 😉 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

  7. Love you photos, I still have my bibs from my many Race for the Cure marathons back in the 90;s in Central Park! Thanks for jarring my memories, I’m going to pull them out! I’m no athlete like many of your readers, but I can move! LOL

  8. Nice pics. I particularly like the second one with the jogger out of focus. Tells all it needs to, perhaps even more clearly than if it were focussed. With sharp focus, it would have been about the person – a portrait. As is, it’s more about the activity. I like it.

  9. I started running last spring and registered for my first Half Marathon last November. I didn’t make it to the race due to an injury. Then the weather got cold. I’m looking forward to hitting the pavement again soon! There is nothing like a nice runner’s high!

  10. I decided to try running again this spring. Because of my age, I won’t be running more than 3 miles at a whack. I think it is hard on the joints, and I’m 60. I ran when I was teenager, before it became fashionable. I’m a regular at the gym, and I have been doing long-distance bicycling, but I think I’d like to go back to my “roots” and run again.

  11. Congratulation to you! I’m actually not too happy today: I have been running for about three months now, toward my goal of taking part (I mean finishing) of my first 10k race this summer. Then, pain. I mean…. PAIN! “Shin splints” my husband told me, and I really don’t know what to do. If you have some adives please help me. You can ready my post about this here. http://wp.me/pXsUB-Hr
    Thank you so much…..

  12. We finally had spring like weather here for a few days as well. I’m training for my first 1/2 and it felt so good to get outside after running inside. I had a big cheesey grin for most of my 4 mile run and I was wired for hours that night! Felt amazing to shed the winter blahs! 🙂

  13. Love the weather! Did a five mile run today, and while the first half mile was mostly skirting around ice and puddles, it was great to run outside. Bring on spring!!

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  15. Saw this on Freshly Pressed!!!! I dont always see running posts so of course caught my eye as I just did my First full Marathon a week or so ago.

    I think its really cool that you and your husband can split the halves. How do you choose who runs first?
    Be careful out there in the snowbanks!

  16. Congrats again on being Freshly Pressed! Wicked cool!
    I wish I could run. Suffer from shin splints 😦
    (Psst.. I think you have some comment management to do – check out that one from the “Nigerian army” guy! LOL!)

  17. Nice pictures you have there and it happens that i myself is also a regular runner but yet to reach the distance you have there. I lived in Malaysia where the climate is at min 24 degrees C day and night. It’s hot and humid!!So to run, you definitely need more than stamina and fitness.

    BTW, all the best to you and your husband in the coming marathon.

  18. awesome pictures!!!! i like the second one, intentional blurring of the person… i wish i could take photos like this. 😦

    my stamina drains easily so i couldn’t participate in any running events. good luck to both you and your hubby!

  19. I love running, and I especially love running marathons. Here in LA, we have our annual AIDS walk every year, and I always go for that. Every morning, I’m up by 5 am at the most, and going for a run down the beach with two of my besties. I’ve found that running can be fun, and helpful and healthy at the same time.
    Good luck for the marathon, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  20. Fantastic Blog! Just started training for my first full marathon. Really excited but nervous too. Have completed a few half marathons but to me this is the big one. I wanted to do this before I turned 40, wow, I can’t believe that I am going to be 40…

    Keep this up, I will be sure to follow!

  21. I prefer walking personally but I admire you for being able to complete a marathon those things are hard. A while ago I volunteered as a photographer for a Oxfam event which featured a 24-hour brisk walk. I have seen the condition of their feet afterward. Take care of those feet but I guess good running shoes do help!

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  23. I have been running for about 5 years. I am in a bit of a winter slump right now. My favourite temperatures to run are between -5C and 5C but January is mostly -15C and below. It is finally warming up and I can’t wait to run without bundling up so that nothing is exposed but my eyes framed by eyelashes covered in ice! I was in training for a 30K race at the end of March but I have been hiding too much from the cold to really be ready. I haven’t saved bibs but I have my run shirts and medals and they make me feel great! My longest run to date is a half marathon (done 2). I can’t quite find the time or motivation to move past that. My new goal is to increase my speed and so improve my pb. I like your picture of the bibs. Makes me wish I had saved them.

  24. We’re experiencing Spring-like weather in Colorado as well. I actually went for a 6-mile run today. I’m training for my first half-marathon and love your idea of saving bibs. I’ll have to remember that!

  25. Good luck in the race! I understand what you mean about running outside…it’s so refreshing for the temps to be going up. I hate running on the treadmill! Hope the temps stay warm for you, and again, good luck! 🙂

  26. This post really reminds me that I need to pull out my running shoes from the back of my closet (and I live in Asia!) and get back to getting fit! I guess running for a great cause (any that you choose) would be a really good motivator! Those bibs look awesome and good luck on continuing the collection! Congrats on being FP 🙂

  27. I love your enthusiasm. It’s so hard getting out for a run in London in the winter. I’ve signed up to a few races to keep me motivated. I love the running hight too much to give up, but at times I REALLY don’t feel like heading out!

  28. i love these pics. i ran the race for life last year which is a breast cancer organised thing where you run, walk or jog 5k for charity, but i couldnt run it all. im trying to get up to running level for this year but its so hard. well done you!

  29. Very Inspiring! Uber Empowering!! I know running helps me with my writing – get’s my mind clear, I have good insight during a run – good brain stimulation.
    Very well done – congrats!

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  31. I ran 3 miles on Thursday, in western Wisconsin, also for the first time in months. A few times I had to gingerly pick my way over ice floes, but otherwise, it was great! Just makes the current storm more depressing. But I’d really be antsy if I were training for a marathon . . . good-on-ya.

  32. Great to see you made it out. Spring will come. It is why we have all the snow and ice… so that we appreciate the wonderful greatness of warm spring days and warm summer nights. Good luck and be careful!

  33. I think that is awesome. I am training this year for my first half marathon. It has been so cold here (and I prefer running outside). I love that you are collecting bibs!

  34. Ah, the snow will melt. Then you’ll be slogging in slush. =) I love snow. We didn’t get much this winter. But, I feel for those on the east coast who got hammered. Spring will come.

    Good luck with your running and training. I noticed a 13.1 ornament. Have you run a halfer yet? If not, it’s a great distance. Long enough to be a challenge but not so long to tear up the body.

  35. I’ve got a pair of End running shoes that I got for the Central Oregon Pole Pedal Paddle a few years ago. I just pulled them out of the closet last week and I am in training to walk the El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in Spain next year. Its about 100 miles in 10 days.

  36. To be honest, I was looking extremely forward to start outdoor running when Central Alberta had a super warm snap a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m just looking forward to the snow disappearing completely. But I’m so excited when I can officially start running. A time when I can finally start taking weight loss more seriously and take a chance to take time for myself and not care about anybody else. Thank you for this little post of inspiration of something to look forward to soon in the season 🙂
    ☮ & ♥


  37. This is the perfect little slice of motivation I needed. I’ve always been put off running due to the dreary weather here in Scotland but I think I may give it a go!

  38. Congrats on being FP’d! I felt I had to comment when I read you are running the KBVCM because I was suckered into, err, happily agreed to run the relay this year too! But I’m not nearly as brave as you are – there are 5 of us, not 2. I’ve just started training (in my brooks!) and it is slow going. Do people actually LIKE running? So far, I’ve stayed inside but I know I’m going to have to get out there soon. There’s still a ton of snow here in Vermont. But I expect it’ll be mostly gone by May. 😉

  39. I peeped at your tags before leaving and clicked on jog. Yesterday I jogged my first 2 miles in a year! I was so proud of myself. I am going back for more tomorrow! I am not brave enough to run in the elements just yet, so the treadmill will have to do! Good luck on the VT Marathon. That is a great accomplishment!

  40. Very creative work! Love the colors and the composition. Training here in Canada in LOTS of snow to run the Chicago Marathon this fall. Got in a 4K tonight in the blistering cold, but I’m so glad I did it. I hate having to mark “nil” in my log book. All the best! John

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