Well, that was clearly unexpected

Yesterday I started getting messages in my inbox… comments on my blog, Likes, new subscribers… um, what was happening? I looked up my stats and saw where I was getting a lot of hits from WordPress.com and then discovered that I, along with 9 or so other bloggers, was featured on the front page of Freshly Pressed, The best of 399,078 bloggers, 423,977 new posts, 340,647 comments, & 80,872,774 words posted today on WordPress.com. Something in yesterday’s post caught the eye of someone from WordPress.

Sweet, soft rose

Wow.  I must say that it’s a bit overwhelming. I received so many wonderful comments from all over the world which is pretty humbling here in my tiny corner. Thank you all very much.

Pink Gerbera

I did end up seizing the amazing day yesterday by jogging almost 6 miles and it felt so good!


11 thoughts on “Well, that was clearly unexpected

  1. Hooray!!! That is soooo awesome. You deserve it – you’re such a prolific and thoughtful blogger. And good for you on the six miles! I’ll be trying to go 6-8 tomorrow morning.

  2. Gee, WordPress itself doesn’t alert you when you’ve been Freshly Pressed? Seems like they should!
    I like your new photo copyright symbol. I’ve noticed many bloggers now doing that. Is it becoming something that you find necessary?

  3. Ok, holy smokes! I just logged on to WordPress and saw the Freshly Pressed page and decided to check out this blog. Let me just say that your photos are awesome!

  4. congratulations! so well deserved as your blog is fantastic and your pictures are wonderful, what a fantastic boost that must have been and congratulations on running six miles too!

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