Photography is my aeroplane

Should I stay or should I go?

Two sick kids threw a wrench into our vacation plans. We were supposed to spend a few days with my parents and enjoy a couple days of skiing. But, since my parents have seen their fair share of complications this winter, we didn’t want to inflict the elementary school plagues (a cold and strep) upon them. With that came an entire change of plans and the desire to still make the best of Dad’s time off.


Both kids are hugely into airplanes but not the passenger type, they are all about military aircraft and especially WWII airplanes. They have books and have done all kinds of research. They know an amazing amount of detail about each plane. Lucky for them their Dad shares their enthusiasm. So yesterday, after strep throat was on antibiotics for 24 hours, we took them to the New England Air Museum at Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, CT.

Aeroplane 2

Sadly, I don’t share their enthusiasm for historic flight. My big plans were to tag along, hang out in the lobby and bring plenty of reading material as well as my camera.

Aeroplane 3

As soon as they were safely admitted to the museum I hopped into the car and drove to the beginning (or end) of the runway and with my camera captured these photos.

Aeroplane 4

I was there long enough to capture two planes descending but then was encouraged to depart by the State Police. Remember the old days when Grandpa took the kids to the airport to watch the planes arrive and depart? They’re gone. So glad he didn’t take my memory card.

gif animators
Gif animators

In case you were wondering, they flew right over my head and it was VERY loud. For the photographers, I used my 24-70mm lens at 70mm, manual setting, Al Servo and high speed continuous.

Regarding the blog change… I really liked my old blog theme but the photos just weren’t big enough for my taste so I’ve switched themes.


12 thoughts on “Photography is my aeroplane

  1. Wow, great shots! Love the new theme, too, so pretty!
    My niece and her fiance live right next to the airport in Minneapolis, and I took some pictures of the planes flying over her house. Still have them in my special blog folder on the computer, waiting to be posted some day. I didn’t get quite the close-ups that you did, though.
    (Btw. you can barely hear the planes at all inside their house!)

    • I can’t just say Thank you! 🙂 as I did with the others since WordPress tells me it’s a duplicate comment. Whatevah!

  2. Those pictures are amazing! That one with the fence is by far my favorite! I need some basic photography lessons…just using a digital point and shoot right now. Any tips for getting started?

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