The Joy of Love ~ wrapping it up





Wachoo doin'?


Makin' bacon!

When you love them the most.

What they say...

What they say. Or in this case, what they don’t say when they kick my butt.


Together. A little basement ping pong action… beer (for the adults) removed to keep up appearances.

I have a couple more prompts to complete this class but I’m not sure whether or not I’ll get to them.

17 thoughts on “The Joy of Love ~ wrapping it up

    • Just a different WordPress theme. I wanted my photos to be larger and the previous theme was limiting. I really need to figure out how to design my own blog… on the to do list.

  1. Great photos! I agree with your first commentor that they all tell a great story together. That dog’s face is priceless, by the way. And so fitting that it’s before the shot of bacon.

      • Aww, what a waste of a perfectly good ping pong table! 😉 Where I grew up, there were two ping pong tables (made out of concrete or something similar) at the playground. You still needed your own paddles, balls and net, but at least the table was there. Wish they had that here, too!

    • Thanks! I was sitting on the floor taking a selfie for a class that I’m doing and Stella jumped up on the couch and looked down at my as if I had lost it. I was supposed to be taking pictures of her!

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