Sweet Shot Day

On a recent trip to The Gap I found this lovely little bottle of perfume. I have always been a fan of The Gap’s scents and have used Dream for years. It seems that they are no longer selling Dream and I wish someone had told me. I prefer a scent that is less synthetic and more organic and to me, The Gap scents fit the bill. Their scents are also subtle so that people don’t smell you before they see you.

I was drawn to the pretty color and shape of the bottle and thought it would be a great subject to photograph. An added bonus was that I really loved the scent as well. The scent is called Stay and you can see and read about it here and find it at a Gap store near you.

8 thoughts on “Stay

  1. Sounds like a nice scent, and it looks really pretty!
    I very rarely use perfume, just every once in a while.

    Don’t you just hate when something you really love is discontinued?

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