Jogging: A discovery and rhythm

2 runners are better than one

I had no idea how much fun it is to run with a friend! The majority of my training has been solo. My friend, Jen, who is training to run the entire Vermont City Marathon in May, and I started running together and our time on the street goes by so fast! What really helps is that we jog/run at a similar pace.

2 runners are better than one (2)

The reason why it goes by so fast is that we chat the entire time! We figure that we’re multitasking by jogging and talking and that talking burns even more calories, right? Jogging together has been a great incentive to get outside and run, when one of us isn’t feeling especially motivated we can’t help but be influenced by the other. Also, when you hit that wall of wanting to just stop you feel like you can’t let the other person down so you run right through it. Our pace hasn’t suffered either and for me it has even improved.

Runner silhouette

Training with a partner who’s training to run 26.2 miles should set me up nicely for my 13.1.


Husband runner

I attribute this run, what you could refer to as either dedication or stupidity, to rhythm. I’ve got a jogging/running rhythm right now and I don’t want to disrupt it by refusing an opportunity when it presents itself.
Rainy windshield

My husband and I ran in a benefit 5k this weekend. We waited until the last minute to register wanting to see what the weather would bring since I don’t particularly want to jog in a snowstorm which is entirely possible for this time of year. The day started out at 45 degrees which is relatively warm for early March, it was overcast and rain threatened. We dropped the kids off and traveled the 45 min. to the run and when we arrived it started to rain. We sat in the car for a while contemplating but in the end decided that we had given it such effort that we couldn’t turn back.

Unnecessary  Ambulance

We were so glad that we did it even though the puddles were deep, ice lined some of path and water poured off the rim of my hat. The cold didn’t set in until later after cooling down from the run. Looking on the bright side, neither one of us needed the ambulance.


8 thoughts on “Jogging: A discovery and rhythm

  1. I so understand what you’ve said here Rebecca! Quite hard to describe if you’re not a runner, but you have done so, beautifully. I truly enjoyed reading this, and i wish you the very best on your 13.1!!

  2. I commend you, your hubby and friend for runnin! I’ve NEVER been a runner – just don’t have the breathing for it! I did try it a few times and realized, just not for me!

    Good luck with your training!

    Great photos!

  3. Everything is more fun when you can do it with a friend! 🙂
    I would call it dedication, since it was “just” rain (vs. ice or snow!), especially since you don’t regret doing it.
    Good luck with your half marathon! I’ve walked 13 miles – ONCE – on the treadmill, but I’m not a runner either.

  4. congratulations on your run and these shots are so great. I have just deferred my entry to the london marathon as moving house was too disruptive – anyway, I too love jogging but I run with the dogs and sadly they aren’t good at telling me to keep going when my head tells me it’s cold and I want to go home!

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