“There is hope!”


Sweet Shot Day

I stepped outside yesterday afternoon for a little photo-therapy. This winter has been tough on homeowners and it’s not over. Record amounts of snow can only mean one thing as it thaws… flood waters. And with record rainfalls you can just imagine what I’m dealing with in my basement. sigh.

Sparkle (2)

The skies cleared and I went outside in search of something, anything that would make me appreciate water. I have never owned a dry house and this is our 4th. Water always finds a way inside.

Sparkle (3)

I found these gorgeous sparkles and flare in the remaining raindrops on this Japanese maple. My spirits were lifting. And then I saw this:


New growth! In the words of my mother with whom I shared the news immediately, “There is hope!”


Then I went in search of crocus and I found them!

Hope (2)

It really hasn’t been all that warm here, last week daytime highs were in the 30’s and this week, so far, are in the 40’s but the crocus don’t care. That wall of white in the background is snow.


Then I grabbed a shovel and administered my mother’s tried and tested method of melting snow fast… shovel it onto the driveway. I unearthed (unsnowed?) these determined crocus under a foot or more of snow.

Determined (2)

Yesterday I decided that crocus are my favorite flower because of their determination and perseverance and the sight of them is so enthusiastically welcome.


14 thoughts on ““There is hope!”

  1. Beautiful photos! Love the water droplets, so sharp! Seeing our crocus this week really lifted my spirits, I can relate to that feeling. Hope the water/flooding won’t occur this week, we’re supposed to get lots on Thursday afternoon!

  2. Becky, these are BEAUTIFUL! I especially like the last two.
    The possibility of leaks is one big reason why we chose a house without a basement, but instead, the water found it’s way in though the roof on several occasions 😛 Just can’t win.

  3. Your sparkles are gorgeous!
    Those little crocus are really something aren’t they? I found confused daffodils poking up last November. I hope they survived their very heavy blanket this winter.

  4. Such beautiful shots! Love the raindrop sparkle and the bokeh in the last few.

    Totally feeling your pain on the water. Yesterday I shop-vacced about every ten minutes for 16 hours straight to keep the water away from our finished side of the basement. Can only imagine if we had been away. Our neighbors are and their son came to day to find over 8 inches. And they have a sump-pump……we do not! I’m scared for the rest of spring!

    • Thank you! I visited your blog but had a lot of trouble reading it, not sure if it’s the font or what. And I had an eye appt. today so I’m pretty sure it’s not my eyes. Thanks for visiting!

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