Childhood Toys

Blacktop derby

The theme for this week’s MCP Project 52 is Childhood Toys. Excellent timing since this was also the week of the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. It was finally Casey’s turn to take center stage since, in the past, this was always big brother’s event but now that he’s moved on to Boy Scouts it’s all Casey’s.

I did not attend the big event but my friend Michelle was kind enough to take a few photos.

Dad is a busy man and often leaves stuff like this to the last minute. The night before the derby he was up until 2 in the morning cutting and sanding these cars, he makes one for each kid even though the older brother’s entry doesn’t count.

They came home all excited because Casey’s car took second place but I’m not sure what that means since Michelle’s son also got second place and each kid got a trophy. So, I guess everyone was a winner.


9 thoughts on “Childhood Toys

  1. How fun! First photo is excellent! My husband was in the Cub Scouts and we have his old pinewood derby cars displayed on a shelf in our sunroom.

    So dad cuts and sands but the boys paint and assemble? I think that is what hubby did as a child as well. Back then, tho, only the winners took home a trophy. I don’t understand the need to day for everyone to come out a ‘winner’…life just isn’t like that!

    • The boys first drew their cars on paper and dad cut and sanded out their designs. They did the painting and blow drying in order to get the car dry in time for the race. lol

  2. How fun! I really like the first photo, too.
    When Melissa was in 1st grade, she and Greg did the Indian Princess thing, and one of their projects was a pinewood derby car. Greg did a lot of the work, but Melissa helped sand, and she painted it all by herself. Can’t remember how she did (I wasn’t there either) but she got a participant’s trophy.

  3. I love that first shot, too! Parker LOVES pinewood derby cars even though he’s not in Cub Scouts this year. He has made two of them. The only reason he wants to join Cub Scouts is for the derby. 🙂 Yay, Casey! And kudos to your husband for making two cars and staying up into the wee morning hours.

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