My Motif: Flowers

Flora motif

The prompt this week for my Picture Inspiration class (see link to the right) is “What’s Your Motif?”.

Motif def. ~ a distinctive and recurring form, shape, figure, etc, in a design, as in a painting or on wallpaper.

I must admit that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this prompt. And for a while I couldn’t figure out what to photograph. Photographing patterns in wallpaper, pillows or other decor didn’t appeal to me at all. When I choose a photo out of the many that I take I consider whether it is frame-worthy, if not I don’t usually publish it online. Taking photos of my decor fell in that not frame-worthy category. But then I got to thinking about my decor… the interior, the jewelry I make and wear, my clothing, my garden… and there is a definite theme or motif and it’s flowers!

Looking up

Linking up with Paper Heart Camera and their Show and Tell Challenge: Under.

I tried several different ways to convey my floral motif. In the shot above I dared to place my camera on the ground and shot up utilizing the wireless remote. It was a cloudy day so I added a texture to make the sky more appealing

Floral fixation

Sweet Shot Day

I have a couple more ideas for my motif that I will attempt before our new prompt is released on Thursday.


10 thoughts on “My Motif: Flowers

  1. Beautiful bracelet! Photographing hands is difficult! I like the first shot and the concept of the second but am thinking it might have been better shot vertical? with the hand not so straight on? (As a portrait photog, hands often ruin a shot!)

    • It does look like a gigantic hand and a manicure would have been nice. lol I was just trying for something different and liked this because of the focus on the flower and the way it was hiding my face and that the hand was out of focus. I don’t know a lot about portrait photography so any tidbit is appreciated.

    • Pure luck. I really like how it was the only thing in focus and that the flower covered my face. Not that I’m afraid to show my face but I thought it made it much more interesting.

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