Rain: Mother Nature’s Motif


This week has been cloudy and rainy with a few snow flurries tossed in the mix. Not unusual for this time of year but sometimes I find it totally defeating. My house is dark and without the natural light it’s hard to find the inspiration to take pictures.

Water-Bogged (2)

So, yesterday, I stepped outside in my rain boots and with an umbrella overhead I captured the late winter/early spring. The snow is receding rapidly… the only places you’ll find it are where the plow left the large piles and where the sun doesn’t shine.

Water-Bogged (3)

All that rain is forcing plenty of new growth. And, today, the sun is shining which means flowers won’t be far behind!

11 thoughts on “Rain: Mother Nature’s Motif

  1. LOVE your rain boots! The first pic is my favorite, with the reflection in the puddle.
    It’s been cloudy and dreary here, too. I’m ready for some SUN!! Highs are going to be around 80 degrees in the next five days.

    • Yes, girls (eye roll). lol This will serve as a warning but I just bought the sweetest pair of spring shoes that will be showing up sometime around the first bloom. ๐Ÿ™‚

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