Smith College Spring Bulb Show (Part 4)

Brilliant bell

I won’t make you wait until the bottom of this post for my favorite photograph from this show. It would have been perfect if there was color in the top left corner which, I suppose, I could administer through Photoshop but then it would be manipulated enough to cause it to fall out of my favor.

Purple bell


Bulbs aren’t the only flower/plant on display, there are many other varieties of plant life throughout the botanic gardens.

Shoe thang

There was even life to be found outside in the gardens.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel which is always the first to bloom and every year I say that I’m going to plant it but I don’t. Maybe this year?

Stand alone crocus

The crocus were even blooming which beat mine that bloomed the following day.

That’s it for the Smith College Spring Bulb Show features. I’ve been busy finding my own signs of spring despite the snow and chilly temperatures. More on that soon.


13 thoughts on “Smith College Spring Bulb Show (Part 4)

  1. Your trip to the SCSBS certainly paid off in spades! More wonderful and colorful images! I think the Witch Hazel is my favorite – just so fresh and spring-y looking – but I did chuckle at your adorable shoes! 🙂

  2. Lovely shots. Your compositions are amazing, and the colors are just perfect. What is the second flower? I’d never seen anything like it in my entire life, not even in pictures.

  3. wow you have captured these so beautifully, I planted some last year but they are so delicate and dogs and rabbits in the garden just destroy them. Really great shots.

  4. Becky, these are amazing!! The lack of color in the top left of your favorite photo doesn’t bother me a bit. I love them all. That purple flower is so interesting! But I’m actually drawn to the whimsical shot of your shoes and the white flowers. 🙂

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