Two of my favorite people share a birthday today, March 26

In flight

Today is my sister’s birthday, I asked her what she wanted and she said, “more time”. She’s a busy working mother, a civil engineer who designs and plans airports. I found these adorable airplanes which reminded me of Southwest Airlines and I resisted the urge to design the earrings in the Southwest color scheme.

In flight (2)

It’s also my friend, Karen’s, birthday. Karen is my partner in all things creative from jewelry to photography. This was the third year in a row for our visit to the Smith College Spring Bulb Show.

Floral friends

That’s her demonstrating the use of a 50mm f/1.2 lens. This week I’ve been giving a lot of thought to photography style… while Karen was noticing and photographing people and architecture, she took amazing shots of a lady in a pink crocheted hat as well as another analyzing the flowers with a magnifying glass, I was focused on the smaller picture and the details. It translates to our personalities as well, her being a nurse and nurturer and me being one who enjoys solitude.

Beignets from The Federal

We celebrated her birthday by enjoying a favorite dessert at a favorite restaurant.

Happy Birthday, girls!


8 thoughts on “Two of my favorite people share a birthday today, March 26

  1. What is that fabulous looking dessert? Truffles?
    This friend that you wrote about must be the one that you mix up my emails with sometimes! 😉

    • She said, “I’ve always wanted airplane earrings!” and I said, “Well then why didn’t you ever tell me?” lol

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