Half Marathon Celebration Bracelet

Half marathon celebration bling (2)

I’ve made several new pieces of jewelry that I’ll be adding to the shop this week. I’ll first start with this marathon celebration bracelet. You can read more about it here at my Etsy shop, Rejardin.

Half marathon celebration bling (3)

I have yet to make one for myself, I think I’ll wait until my 2nd half marathon in May.

Runners Bracelet

The earth tones are very subtle, not at all blingy. A very lightweight bracelet. I can take special orders for 26.2 as well.


7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Celebration Bracelet

  1. Oh my – I love it!!! I’m going to treat myself to one of these once I actually cross the finish line. I’m a little nervous because I feel that I haven’t trained as hard this year. I’m trying to step up the training over the next few weeks… Great idea and beautiful bracelet. 🙂

  2. Beautiful as usual! Bravo on the running! Hubby and I are contemplating running once the weather gets nicer. We’ve never done it before so we will be starting at the very beginning. Doing the elliptical now to get things jump started.

    • Oh, I love to hear about others picking up running! I started running and my husband, who is very competitive (argh!), had to join in as well. He runs way faster than me so it’s not really something we do together but it’s something we have in common. Good luck to the both of you! It’s hard but well worth it!

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