Signs of spring: buds

Lilac buds

Despite the cold I spent several hours in the front flower beds on Sunday. I trimmed overgrown shrubs, trees and rose bushes. I raked and hauled 7+ wagon loads into the back woods. It felt so good to be out there and with all of that vigorous work I was nice and warm.

Lilac buds (2)

I found plenty of signs of spring including lots of new growth. These top two shots are lilac buds.

Rose bud

I’m not a fan of roses, I know I’ve said it before but if a plant has a weapon I’m not into it. However, I did have a weak moment when I planted these Knockout Roses. And, amazingly, I haven’t lived to regret it. They are so prolific and flower all summer long which keeps color in my front gardens after the azalea, rhododendron and other spring flowers have past. On Sunday, I really hacked these plants back and I’m crossing my fingers that it wasn’t too much.

Magnolia buds with branchkeh

Sweet Shot Day

These magnolia buds seem about to burst. The magnolia reminds me of our time living in Tennessee and Virginia where the magnolias are a sight to see!


6 thoughts on “Signs of spring: buds

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The last shot is my favorite. I also am not a big fan of roses. I’ll take daisies over roses any day – but we have some double knockouts that my husband planted, and you’re right – they provide great color most of the summer.

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