Remnants of winter

Fevered dreams

Poor Casey has strep throat for the third time in 3 months! He was so miserable for 2 days before the antibiotic kicked in and then, on top of that, he has a cold. He’s quite pathetic. The pediatrician said that 7 times in one year or 10 in two with strep would bring about the recommendation for his tonsils to be removed. School can’t get out quick enough! It’s been a bad year for strep all around, not just in this house.

Those eyelashes! b/w

(I originally posted this in color but after sleeping on it I woke this morning thinking that I should try black and white. I never think to convert to black and white. I like this better. You can see the color version here.)

Though I hate to see Casey sick there’s one good thing that comes of it, he’s still! He’s usually a pretty busy guy… singing, whistling, playing… typical stuff, but with this fever he just wanted to rest and sleep.

Being sick makes them still

I was making jewelry and he was resting in my bed when he asked me to snuggle with him. I ran downstairs to get my camera and lay beside him as he fell asleep.


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