Picture Inspiration: Infinity and Beyond

The old pheasant farm at Fountain Park

I’m behind a week on Picture Inspiration. Last week’s prompt was to capture “Infinity and Beyond” by “experiment(ing) with perspective and angle in a way that uses your repetitive form to create a diagonal line.” And “by using a shallow depth of field to take the viewer’s eye to infinity.”

The top image is of the retired pheasant farm building at a local park, Fountain Park. It’s where I take Stella for our walks. It’s also where many town social events take place. In this photo there are many diagonal lines, the building itself, the roof, the walls and the wood on the ground.

Infinity and Beyond (friends, forest and sky)

This image was taken earlier on the same walk. The path and the trees lead the viewer’s eye forward and up.

Infinity and Beyond (flagpole)

Then, later, at the grocery store I was attracted to this very tall flag pole. The sky was so blue, the wind perfect, and the clouds just right. I felt silly sitting on the ground in a parking lot but I was really happy with the result.


7 thoughts on “Picture Inspiration: Infinity and Beyond

  1. Love your interpretation of the prompt and seeing local places! The color in number 2 is wonderful – it could be fall instead of this dreary, transitional “almost spring” we seem to be having.

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