Picture Spring 2011, revisited (2)

Spring sunset

The sky is the limit. This is the sunset that we see most days (when the sun is shining). Now that the earth is shifting we get late day sun glaring into our kitchen which goes months without seeing any rays. See last year’s post here. Dang, look at all of those buds! It ain’t happenin’ this year.


Getting Grounded.


View last year’s photos here. Okay, this exercise in comparison is making me depressed. There’s no laying in the grass this year because it’s still muddy and mostly yellow. When I took these photos of Stella I got dirty and wet.


A Fresh Face. View last year’s submission here. All I can say about that is lol!


7 thoughts on “Picture Spring 2011, revisited (2)

  1. It’s amazing what clouds can add to a sunset shot, isn’t it? Nice view you have from your window 🙂
    Don’t worry about the buds and the grass, you get to brag about how beautiful it is outside, when I’m melting in the Texas heat (probably in just a few more weeks!).
    The last shot is so funny! And really cute, too 🙂

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