Pastel Pallet

Pastelpologie bowl

The next prompt in the Picture Spring series is Pastel Pallet. I am not a pastel gal preferring warm-toned primary colors but, for the sake of this prompt, I was able to get into a pastel place. This week I found these fantastic bowls at Anthropologie, they are tiny measuring 2″ high by 4″ wide. I couldn’t find them online but they were very inexpensive at 2.50 each. Then, for the sake of a photo shoot, I picked up pastel Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Pastelpologie bowls

My front stoop is where I photograph my jewelry, love the lighting and tones there, but the steps are disintegrating and the door is getting beat up by the sun. Repairing both will happen in the near future, hopefully not to the detriment of my photography. With this shoot I discovered how much I like the textures of the peeling stain and paint.

Pastelpologie bowls (2)

Pastelpologie bowls (3)

Then I thought a little jelly bean macro photography was in order.

Jelly beans

Jelly beans

Linking up with Paper Heart Camera for their “Many” Show and Tell Challenge.

View last year’s post here. And you guessed it, that weeping cherry is not even close to blooming this year.


14 thoughts on “Pastel Pallet

  1. I know that you have to repair the steps but I like the way they look, you have a very nice spot for photographs, so maybe you just leave them as they are?

    I love pastels, well, I love bright colors too and now that I think of it, I love the whole palette!!

    Beautiful pictures and yes, a macro was mandatory!!

  2. I love these pastels (and I’m not a pastel person either.)

    The texture of your front stoop adds such great texture. Are you going to be replacing things or simply (or not so simply) repairing them? It would be a shame to lose such a great backdrop/setting.

  3. Very nicely done! Love the first one and the light bokeh on the blurred jellies in the last one! I think it’s interesting that the Picture Spring prompts are identical to last year. Would have guessed they would be different. Fun comparing year to year though!!

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