Accepting and exceeding a challenge

Barn stopper


Last week my local blogger friend, Karen, discovered a challenge, challenging WordPress bloggers to get out and run/walk 5k or 3.1 miles. It could be accomplished anytime during the week or if possible on Sunday. Karen’s day of choice was Sunday and I invited myself along.

Farm Field

Karen brought along her very well-behaved dogs, Teddy and Daphne, while poor Stella stayed at home. Stella needs a lot of work (understatement) on a leash.

Walking the dogs

We walked a new-to-me trail that you can read more about on Karen’s blog. A flat 2.4 mile meandering one-way trail through conservation land. The day was partly sunny with temps in the mid-60’s, warm enough for us to shed our outer layer of clothing.

Young Maple

There weren’t a lot of signs of new life and the pallet was rather dull. I’ve brightened these photos with an added texture. I’m sure that if we weren’t chatting so much and looked really hard we’d find more signs of spring. However, I did spy this young maple flowering and getting ready to grow its leaves. If you look at the very tip of the branch you can see the beginnings of a brand new bright red leaf.

Soaring Hawk

We could hear a lot of birds and even spied a few. We also walked by a bog where we could hear what sounded like bullfrogs. At the end of the walk there were a few hawks soaring up above either mating or competing for territory.

Fur Friends

Thanks so much, Karen, for letting me join you! I’m sure that in a couple weeks that path will have many more visible signs of life.

We completed our walk at just over 5 miles (check Karen’s post for actual mileage) and combined with my 4 mile jog earlier in the day I exceeded the 5k (3.1 miles) challenge handed out by WordPress.

10 thoughts on “Accepting and exceeding a challenge

  1. Love what you did with your pics! Even though it is from the back, there is something about the picture of my dogs walking the path that I find very charming. I never saw that tiny leaf tip while you were taking those pictures – pretty cool.
    And thanks for calling the dogs well behaved even though they jumped all over you in greeting! Looking forward to doing it again sometime.

    • I, too, like how the dogs on the path came out. I just held my camera low to take that pic with my lens at 24mm. And, to be honest, I didn’t see the leaf either until it popped up on my computer screen.

  2. We walk 2.5-3 miles almost daily (as long as it’s not pouring rain) with our dogs – I used to go on my own, but now my boyfriend joins me, because our puppies are big, strong dogs now. It’s my 2nd favorite time of the day; 2nd to my morning cuddling with the dogs that I’ve done since they were 8 weeks old (they’re over a year now).

    Great walk. Love that you brought your camera. Maybe I’ll bring my camera along tonight and see what I get 🙂

  3. What a nice walk, and you even took time to take beautiful pictures! Wish I could have walked with you, too.
    (Don’t even think about suggesting it when we come in the summer….. 50 feet down the path you’ll be hearing “my feet hurt” from at least one of my girls! 😛 )

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