The Shape of Surprise

The Shape of Surprise

This week’s Picture Inspiration prompt was more reflections but looking for surprises in those reflections, finding a shape that’s being reflected back and capturing it creatively. To be honest I almost skipped this one, I did my reflection last week and was ready to move on. But with today being the last day of the week for the prompt it challenged me to look a little bit harder until I found this reflection in the shower door. The entire image is a reflection except for the shower handle at the very bottom and center. Also, it looks as if I used a texture but that is not the case, it’s the reflection of the tile wall and a painting.


6 thoughts on “The Shape of Surprise

  1. I love your shot. I am struggling with the repetition of picture inspiration and today’s new picture has me really wondering about the course, tracey has posted two truly terrible shots in a row now.

  2. Cool shot! If you hadn’t explained what it is, I would have thought it’s a shot out of a window, with the flowers and candle on a small table or window sill… and added texture.

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