Totally Random and Stuck

Hula Hoop eating tree

This week’s prompt for Picture Inspiration is Totally Random. This proved to be much easier than I had thought initially. On Friday, I was at baseball practice for kid #1, meanwhile kid #2 and I explored the park and playground. First, I found the above Hula Hoop stuck in a tree. Then, according to kid #2, it got stuck when he was at a camp there last summer which is even more random since he only went there one day last summer and 100’s of kids visit the baseball fields, playground and spray park.

Way up, stuck.

Sweet Shot Day

And, after more exploration, I found this baseball stuck high up in a tree. Now this took some creativity to get it stuck just so.


7 thoughts on “Totally Random and Stuck

  1. That’s funny! And certainly totally random! Wonder if some kids tried and tried and got the hoola hoop and baseball stuck on purpose?
    Reminds me of a day when Melissa was in 5th grade, and Sara threw a small plastic dinosaur into a tree and we never saw it again. To this day she still misses that little toy LOL

  2. Cool finds! When I first saw the first photo, I thought you had edited the photo to place a circle on the tree to point something out to us. Only after I read did I realize it was a hula hoop. With all the wind we’ve been having I’m surprised those things haven’t blown down.

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