Happy B’Earth’day, Casey!

Dress-up day!

Today, Casey turns 8! Really it’s been a birthday week as it should be when you are 8. His friend party was on Sunday, 6 8-year-olds at the house for three hours. I survived. Then a birthday celebration with friends in Boston on Monday and a class party yesterday, whew! Not sure that today will be able to live up to the rest of the week.

Today is also Earth Day, which I always try to tie in in some way to his birthday. Yesterday, I went into his classroom and helped the kids make the Earth out of a paper plate. I didn’t take photos because I was too busy but you can see our project here. I also read an Earth Day book and took questions and comments on what they could do to help the earth.  The things they came out with were pretty funny. Many didn’t know that you could return cans for money and I could see their minds working on how they were going to collect enough cans to make themselves some cash.  Love this age.

Do something good for the Earth today and think of it as a birthday present for Casey!


6 thoughts on “Happy B’Earth’day, Casey!

  1. Happy Birthday, Casey!
    Wow, I didn’t realize that he’s only two days older than Sara!

    I bought some forget-me-not seeds earlier this week, that I’m going to plant today… hoping that they will grow!

  2. Happy Birthday Casey – and how nice that he gets to have his real birthday off from school now that we are done with the make-up school days.

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