♥ Bracelet

Bracelet ♥

I made this as a gift for a very special teacher. Each of the 22 kids in the class strung an individual gemstone. The stone is Amazonite and the findings are sterling silver.

Bracelet ♥♥

Amazonite is the “hope stone” because it inspires confidence and hope.

Bracelet ♥♥♥

It’s also said to calm one’s emotions and soothe nerves.

Bracelet ♥♥♥♥

It would also make a great Mother’s Day gift. ; )

7 thoughts on “♥ Bracelet

  1. Very lovely piece! I’m sure this will bring a wide smile, and perhaps, even a few tears to that special teacher’s eyes.

    Did you shoot this on asphalt? I can just picture you on your belly! 🙂

    • I shoot my jewelry on our front steps. They are slate and of varying colors and textures. The lighting is perfect in clouds and sun. These were shot on a cloudy day. Our steps need to be replaced as they are disintegrating but I think I’ll save a couple slates for photography sake.

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