Viole(n)t Bokeh

Violent bokeh (2)

When I see or hear the word ‘violet’ my mind turns it into ‘violent’. I think Violent Bokeh is a pretty appropriate title for this post. The mornings the past few days have been A.mazing! With full on sun and comfortable temperatures.

Violent bokeh

Yesterday, after the kids got on the bus, I explored the yard while wearing my pj’s. I got down and dirty in the dew. I have very proper neighbors that just happened to drive by most likely when my rear was up in the air and I was getting way down low. It was worth it.


I updated my blog with the help of a very generous friend (thanks, Kelly!). Now my photos are BIG the way I like to see them and I can have a custom header.

20 thoughts on “Viole(n)t Bokeh

  1. You took the pictures that I should have taken!!! (Except that I have dandelions, and not violets). This morning the grass was so pretty with the dew and morning light, I thought about coming back out with my camera… but then didn’t. Tonight, I’m going to get the camera READY, with filter attached, for tomorrow, and there better be dew glistening in the sunlight!!
    All three are gorgeous!

  2. Wicked cool! And good for you for the pj’s outside and the rear in the air, LOL! I like the blog look – very clean and photo-centric.

  3. Love these! The bokeh is absolutely amazing, and the colors are delicious. Let your neighbors get used to the fact that they live close to a photographer, and photography can never wait!

  4. Great shots Becky! I spend a lot of time crawling around on the ground in my yard, the neighbors get used to it! 😉

    Love the new blog layout. Very clean looking without the sidebar!

    • I had a friend knowledgeable in CSS help me and I had to pay the $15 to WordPress to get rid of the sidebar.

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