The Dandy Lion

The dandelion takes center stage

I’m still here. Just swept up in the chaos of May. I think that May is our busiest month. Busier than December which is a very close second. On Saturday we have two baseball games and two parties in the afternoon that start at the same time!


I’m still taking pictures but my editing time is limited. I have a huge backlog of photos that I hope I can get to before they are old news. The Picture Inspiration prompt for the past week was “In the Distance” so I got down in clouds of pollen to shoot these dandelions. The top photo was my submission. Sweeping landscapes are difficult to achieve here where trees and rolling hills are prominent so my “In the Distance” photo was a stretch.

The Dandy Lion

Until I started to focus on my photography last year I thought of dandelions as nothing but trouble. Now the challenge is in capturing a unique image. There are so many photos of dandelions shared on Flickr, there’s even a dandelion group. The top two shots are taken with my Canon and the bottom with my iPad. We have a front yard full of dandelions. My well-manicured neighbors are not amused.


15 thoughts on “The Dandy Lion

    • Love your dandelion photos! Thanks for sharing. The lawn was mowed today so I’ll have to wait a day or two for another opportunity to shoot them.

  1. Yep, this month is crazy busy. I feel your pain. Have not done much with the pics in a couple weeks. Bums me out. June isn’t looking any better. But I would rather busy than bored. Looking forward to Picture Color! Great dandlion shots!!

  2. Do you know that I actually put your photos as my desktop background? They are so beautiful and make me feel calm. Thanks!

  3. I just love the lighting on shot #2 – really gorgeous.
    Picture Inspiration has unfortunately left me uninspired the last two weeks so I haven’t submitted anything recently.

    • I skipped the last two and barely squeaked in the distance shot. I’m pretty sure I can come up with the new prompt.

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