Zero Gravity

My photo is a finalist in Pioneer Woman’s Action themed photo challenge! The photo is of our friend Marc who visits every Labor Day weekend along with other friends and their families. We host almost 20 people over that long weekend. A big draw is our hill which is perfect (so they say) for longboarding.

As far as camera settings go… I took over 500 shots on this day… I sat on the grass or in the road and chose Al Servo and high speed continuous for settings with an aperture of f/7.1. I had Marc come as close to me as possible and I think he only hit me once without causing any permanent damage. And, no, he didn’t wipe out.

The photo also appears on Pioneer Woman’s homepage. Coincidentally, Marc is getting married for the very first time TODAY!


8 thoughts on “WOOHOO!

  1. yeah! congrats becky! knew this pic was a winner when i 1st commented on it in flickr! such a totally cool shot! and congrats to your friend on his marriage today! definitely all a sign of good things to come…for all of you! 🙂

  2. whoo whoo, I saw that you photo made it to the finals….good for you, now let’s move it on to WIN!! Congrats to Marc on his wedding!!

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