Farmer’s Market Spring 2011

Apparently the Farmer’s Market started back up on May 3. Somehow I didn’t get the memo. However, I did make it this week and it did not disappoint. The Farmer’s Market is one of my happy places like spring, summer, sun, crocus, the smell of lilacs, the color of spring, baseball, tank tops, a glass of wine, a really good IPA, etc.

I went in search of my standards… black olive ciabatta, pesto goat cheese, fresh spinach… but also veggie plants for my garden.

I love radishes. They remind me of my mom setting out a bowl of our homegrown radishes floating in water and ice cubes and all of us fighting over eating them. I think they were often eaten before the meal was on the table.

These chives were so beautifully arranged! I grow my own chives and I could put mine in vases or even take pretty pictures of them if kid #2 hadn’t pulled off all of the flowers. I’ve mentioned this before but a favorite dip that my mom makes is low-fat cottage cheese with chopped fresh chives and seasoned salt served with crackers or Cape Cod potato chips.

There were plenty of flowers but that’s a project for next week. My goal this week is to get the vegetable garden planted.

There were a lot more fast food vendors than in the past but, for the most part, they were local business people using local ingredients. Sadly the ice cream vendor was nowhere to be seen but maybe that’s because the weather hasn’t really cooperated.

The next step is the planting which I did today and will finish tomorrow. It’s finally warmed up to legitimate shorts-wearing weather. Today I even managed a sunburn. Bring on the fresh veggies!


8 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Spring 2011

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    This looks so much nicer than the farmers market in Dallas! It’s permanent, and there are no little canopies like here, and it just doesn’t have the same feel. THIS reminds me more of the farmers markets back home in Germany.

  2. Ah, the Farmer’s market … I will definitely give it another try this year. I only made it over to yours once last year. You’ve made it look delightful. I will be spending my Memorial Day weekend in the dirt!

  3. The shot of the daisies in a rainbow sort of pattern is really great! (but I would clone out the plant markers/tags especially at the lower left corner). 😉

    • You’re right. I didn’t look at it too closely and only posted it for the color since the exposure was off. If you notice on these photos I didn’t use my watermark because there were just too many to edit in Photoshop. I have surpassed the capacity of my computer to keep up with my editing so when I have a lot of photos as in this case I only do simple edits in Picasa. Just to edit one photo, and if I’m using actions, I have to choose the action and then walk away from the computer to do something else while my computer chugs through the motions then keep coming back to check on it. It’s frustrating to say the least! My 15th wedding anniversary is coming up so I told my husband to back away from the jewelry and just get me a new computer. What do you think… Mac or PC?

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