Garden goal reached = easy, 13.1 miles = not so easy

The garden is in!

My goal was to get the veggie garden in before the half marathon and as of right now I’ve got the garden 75% planted. A couple more things today and then next week I’ll plant lettuce intended for the bunny Gods. My theory is if I offer them lettuce they’ll leave everything else alone.

Volunteer state

These dill plants (cilantro and weeds thrown into the mix) self-sow each year. Here they line the very front of my garden. I don’t do much with the dill other than admire the flower.

Race fan

I’m trying to mentally and physically prepare for Sunday’s 13.1 miles. Unfortunately I have knee pain for the very first time in my life. I’m going to load up on ibuprofen and ice therapy. Fingers crossed that it won’t slow me down. There’s still time to support us in our efforts to raise money for the ASPCA who are now assisting Joplin, MO in their efforts to help people and animals that have lost their homes due to the destructive and deadly tornado that ripped through there this week. We’ve reached 66% of our $600 goal and would really love to make it to 100% by Sunday. Remember, we are matching all of your funds so if you donate $10 it’s really $20 that goes to animals in need. To donate, go here and click on the purple DONATE NOW prompt. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Garden goal reached = easy, 13.1 miles = not so easy

  1. Becky, the garden looks beautiful – I’m so impressed. If we weren’t going to be out of town for a month, I would have tried to plant something other than some herbs in pots. I’ll be rooting for you on Sunday!! I’m so sorry about the knee pain. I hope it doesn’t hurt during the race (and that you don’t injure it further). You can do it!!!

  2. The dill picture is AMAZING!! Love it!!
    Good luck on Sunday, I’ll be thinking of you the whole way, cheering you on! You CAN do this!!!
    Would a knee brace help your knee? Hope it’s better by Sunday.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet thoughts today 😉

    your photos are beautiful and make me completely jealous of your garden!!!

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