June is kicking my butt

Blissed out on color

Day 1: Blissed out on Color

As expected, June is full of field days, field trips, concerts, baseball, gardening and lots of other end-of-school-year stuff. The last day of school is June 23 (the make-up of snow days pushed the last day out, luckily the tornado days weren’t required make-up days) and I’m really looking forward to the summer (non)schedule.

I am trying to fit in the Picture Color class but find myself falling behind. I’m not stressing over it as I have in the past. The tornado has altered my state of mind as to what is really important.

Iconic Color

Iconic Color 2

Day 2: Iconic Color. We helped deliver food to the firemen who have been working tirelessly in the wake of the tornado. We also helped to make a few hundred sandwiches for them to deliver to the utility and tree and brush removal personnel.

Changing of the guard

Day 3: Changing of the Guard

Technicolor Vision

Day 4: Technicolor Vision

The color of comfort

Day 5: The Color of Comfort

Color me white

Day 6 & 7: White on White, Color Me Yummy
Melted French Vanilla ice cream and a remaining sprinkle.

Sweet rose

Day 8: Punctuation Mark

This month the Mortal Muses are musing on the square format which I’m still having so much fun with on my iPad. I post a lot to Facebook and a few to Flickr. Today they chose one of my photos to feature.

I’ve fallen way behind on reading and commenting on your blogs. I will try my best to catch up this week!

3 thoughts on “June is kicking my butt

  1. You’ve found some beautiful color! 🙂
    I missed seeing your blog updated…. 10 more days until things will (hopefully) slow down a bit for you. My girls’ last day of school was June 2, so we’re already about 10 days into the summer, but I still can’t seem to find the time to just sit and do nothing. Life seems to be busier now than when they were in school.

  2. This is a really great collection of shots. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Picture Color at this time of year ( I haven’t even been to Picture Inpsiration in weeks!) I love your ideas on composition of the photos. That’s wonderful that you have been able to lend a helping hand to all the folks who have been working so hard in our area. Perspective, yes. As awful as the tornado was, it has been a good teaching experience as I remind my daughters to keep things in perspective. We have been crazy busy with end-of-the-school year stuff (recital is tonight!) and I, too, have been behind on blogging and commenting – I join you in looking forward to the non-schedule of the coming weeks. We really need to plan that play date for Stella and Teddy!

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