Blowing bokeh bubbles

This Picture Color prompt was “Playful Pause”. Summoning us to “find the fun”. I still love bubbles. It really steams me when I purchase bubble stuff that doesn’t produce a bounty of bubbles. I’m always on the search for good bubble stuff. Typing “bubble stuff” makes me wonder if this is just something we call it or is that a universal name?

My not so elegant self

First I sat outside on the front steps waiting for the kids to get off the bus, meanwhile blowing bubbles and then trying to capture them with a manual focus before they sank to the ground. Let’s just say this wasn’t easy. You can see my ultra feminine posture reflected in the bubbles above.

Cluster bubbles

Although I liked my results okay it was the kid up above with all that bubble bokeh that I really preferred.


6 thoughts on “Bubbly

  1. What’s not to love about bubbles?! (OK, they CAN get a little messy, especially with younger kids 😉 )
    I like all of these, the bokeh is perfect for these shots. Love your reflection in the bubbles LOL

  2. We’ve always called it bubble “stuff” too – maybe it is a New England thing? I found out only a few years ago that using “wicked” as a modifier is a New England thing, as in those are some wicked cool bubble pictures. I love the one with your reflection in it! Your “proper” neighbors must have loved that too. 😉

  3. Yippee for bubble stuff!! I wonder how many hours I have spent blowing bubbles as a kid, with my neices and nephews, then with my own kids. Maybe I should grab a bottle and try to take some bubble photos!! Mind if I steal your idea?

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