One man’s trash…

Vintage find

For the Picture Color prompt, Going Back in Time.

When we lived in Maine we had a very large garden, HUGE, and we were in over our heads but it was our best garden ever. So many zucchini that I set up shop on the side of the road. Anyways, in the back of the garden we found this HOOD (Founded in 1846 in Charlestown, Massachusetts by Harvey Perley Hood) milk jug that someone had tossed as rubbish. Add it to my present stash of garden whimsy.


9 thoughts on “One man’s trash…

  1. Ooh, you have blue and pink hydrangea blooms right next to each other! I’ve heard the color can be different according to soil pH, but there must be some varieties where the pH just doesn’t matter. I love your processing on this – you’ve got skillz!

  2. Lovely picture!! I don’t remember you mentioning that you lived in Maine! Can’t believe I missed that. 🙂 I am just in love with this state now. Where did you live?

  3. LOVE using old stuff as garden decor. I have a (larger than yours) Hood milk can on the stoop of our small grey shed as well as another really BIG can (don’t know the dairy) that sits on our front steps. Other items include the frame of an old wooden wheelbarrow, old tall wood chest (that houses tools and birdseed), old chairs, a fountain created from a vintage hand-pump for a well and large copper barrel), a birdhouse created from an old apple barrel, several birdhouses built from old wooden fireplace bellows, a carved screen that hides our pool equipment, plus old windows, signs and vintage concrete items to add interest in several areas. Man, that sounds like alot! Good thing my landscape is quite large so all of that is (hopefully) tastefully scattered about! 🙂

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