Full Spectrum

Love Floats In

The Picture Color prompt for this particular day was more focused on sunrise/sunset but with a mention of capturing the “color of the sky”.  And since I wasn’t going to be up with the sunrise… it is summer vacation… I chose the mid-day sky.  Plus, if you are thinking creatively, the umbrella is representative of the rising sun.  If you didn’t see it right away, there’s a cloud heart on the right hand side which I didn’t notice until the image was on my computer.

Making our own pot of gold

I was cleaning off the deck cushions on a sunny day when I noticed the rainbow created in the spray that was deflected. I summoned my almost always willing helper to recreate the magic. This was my submission for the Picture Inspiration prompt, Exploration.

Both of these images were well suited for Summer Colours Week and Rainbow Day over at Poppytalk Handmade. In fact, I was so happy to see that they featured both images on their blog.

A rainbow in my yard

Picture Color wrapped up yesterday with the last prompt, Piecing it all Together. I explored my yard seeking out all of the colors of the rainbow. Here, in this space, I’m not done with Picture Color, there are a couple more posts forthcoming.


11 thoughts on “Full Spectrum

  1. Gorgeous! That first picture reminds me of someone flying, with a cape flying out behind them. Funny how pictures can be deceiving depending on the angle that you’re looking at them. And those colors are fantastic! 😀

    • I know what you mean. I often think about how others will view my photos since I know what I photographed but others aren’t influenced by what I see/saw.

  2. Heh, great shots of those beautiful rainbow colors and congrats on being featured on PoppyTalk. That is so fun and I loved your shots. Tell me, what did you use to create your wonderful backyard of rainbow of colors, it is so very clever. Keep enjoying your summer!!!

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