4th of July!

Ferris Wheel sunset

This post is inspired by the many photographs I’ve seen recently of fairs (that’s you, Anne Schillings) and especially of fairs at night. I spied a small 4th of July fair in a neighboring town that we had yet to visit in our 5 years of living here. It didn’t take much to convince my family and friends to make a quick trip before viewing the fireworks.

Super Slide

We bought a few tickets to ride. #1 son is no fan of amusement rides but #2 is coming around. They both tried the one above and found it to be fun.

Vintage Ferris Wheel

The line for the always popular ferris wheel was long so we passed.

My failed attempt at panning

I attempted a panning shot with little luck.

Excitable boy

This is the face of a happy boy. He tried several rides, nothing too risky. I went on one ride with him and his friends and just about threw my back out. I guess my riding days are over. 😦

Blue Hour Fair

I’ve been reading a bit about blue hour photography, to quote the Blue Hour site, “It (the blue hour) refers to the time after the sun goes below the horizon and the sky goes into deep blue for a while.”

Arcade (money suckers)

Of course, there was every opportunity to simply throw your money to the wind.

Fried Dough

And a favorite of both kids, fried dough.

Fireworks 4

I read a little about photographing fireworks before heading out yesterday and gave this “breaking the rules” tutorial from MCP Actions a try. I knew I wouldn’t have a tripod and didn’t really know where we’d end up viewing the display. I was able to lean on a brick wall to stabilize myself and I did end up really liking the result, especially the ones that made the sky crimson.

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3

Porch sittin' on the 4th of July

Hope you’ve had a wonderful 4th of July and if that’s not your holiday then a fantastic weekend!


6 thoughts on “4th of July!

  1. Looks like you had a fun, fun time at the amusement park…love the pictures of your kids, riding, eating and having fun. Loved the evening shot and darn good fireworks shots too. Haven’t tried either of those yet. Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep in touch….hugs!!

  2. What fun pictures, I like that second ferris wheel shot.
    Lucky you had a brick wall to brace yourself, all I had was a shaky SUV, because we opened up the back and sat in the “trunk” (or whatever it’s called in an SUV)

  3. There we go following each other around again! I was in the same town for that fireworks display! We didn’t go to the festival though – I figured I’d run into too many students since that is the town I work in. I love your carnival shots.

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