Summer fun…

They're enthralled

Where my parents live in New Hampshire and where I lived until I was 11 (we moved to Vermont and then, later, they moved back to NH) is a summer getaway for many. There is so much to do in the area with Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire’s largest lake, being the main draw. A couple Lake Winni facts… Wolfeboro, one of the bordering towns, is the oldest resort town in the country, the smallest island in Lake Winnipesaukee is called Becky’s Garden, It’s about 10 feet wide and varies with the water level, the former Presidential candidate and Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has a compound on the lake as do many other wealthy multiple home owners. My parents live in the path of the airport and there is a steady stream of small jets and airplanes on Friday and Sunday. This weekend will be even busier with the NASCAR race at nearby Loudon, NH.

The BIG screen

Since I lived here at the same age that my kids are now with each visit it holds so much nostalgia for me. We chose to take the kids to the drive-in movie, their first and my first time in over 20 years. I’m not sure how many times we went as kids but I do remember seeing The Pink Panther movies here, the place seemed so much bigger then. My parents said that they would take us hoping that we’d fall asleep for the second movie, because they’re always double features that run until midnight, so they’d have time together to enjoy the movie but that my sister and I never did.

Prime seats

We saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins and even though I am not a fan of Jim Carrey the movie was both cute and funny. It held the attention of all 4 cousins for the entire movie and that in itself says a lot.

We did a lot more activities that I’ll be sharing in the days ahead.


4 thoughts on “Summer fun…

  1. Adorable pics! Reminds me of the drive-in that used to be here in town – it was where Home Depot is now. I don’t think my girls have ever been to a drive-in!

  2. How fun! I wish there were more drive-in theaters around. I think there’s one about an hour from us (mostly highway), which is just a little far to drive.
    Cute pics! I especially like the first one. (I thought they were watching fireworks 🙂 )

  3. Love this – and the photos! We have a drive-in here near Dickson that we love (but haven’t been to this summer). This makes me want to load up the kids and go! I remember watching Return of the Jedi at a drive-in in my Arkansas hometown.

  4. Ahh Becky Sue, this post is so wonderful, as all your posts are, but this one makes my heart swell. All those beautiful memories of home and to be able to share them again with your family is delightful. Thanks for checking in on me….yes, there are things going on, I will share with you later.

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