My Tribe


A recent prompt for Picture Inspiration was “Finding our Tribe”. Definitely my first and most important tribe are my boys. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the kids and their dad at play and, of course, playing baseball.

We've still got it

Then I had the opportunity to see some very special people. It had been a long time… 22 years since we graduated college… so hard to believe when you really give it thought. Rebecca and I, Beck’s Light and Beck’s Dark respectively, hadn’t seen each other in 16 or so years. Laurie and I, with busy families and 2 hours travel between us, hadn’t connected in 3 or more years. It was amazing… after excited greetings we picked up where we left off… we talked about old times filling in where memories had faded and spoke of our lives as they have been lived. It was good for the soul.


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