Where’d Becky go?

Light your daisy

“Where’d Becky go?” was something my sister said often when we were little and I’m sure I did my share of “Where’d Suzy go?” My Mom liked to repeat it in our childish voices and it still rings in my ears today when I hear my kids repeat it. Last week we went to my happy place, Maine. We stayed in a cottage overlooking the ocean. I fell asleep and woke to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I filled my lungs with sea air breathing deeper than I can ever do when I’m landlocked.

Beach flare

Coastal Maine

Ocean meet shore

I took time to read about my camera, I changed settings that gave me results that I am really happy with. I also did some experimenting… I took photos with a new-to-me Polariod 420 Land Camera and I also dug out my Canon EOS Elan film camera, yes FILM camera. I’ll share these experiments in the coming days/weeks.


5 thoughts on “Where’d Becky go?

  1. Yes, there is that inexplicable ‘something’ about standing on the sand and looking out over the vast ocean. I leave near the ocean and never tire of it. I am glad you get to escape to your ‘happy place’ every now and again!

  2. Love these, Becky. Gorgeous. (I love the large size you’ve got going here too – is this because of your blog theme that you have this size? It looks like you are hosting from Flickr – is this the large size on Flickr?) I’m leaving Saturday to fill my lungs with that wonderful air!

  3. Oh does it look gorgeous!! Love that sandy beach (prefer those to the rocky ones, but they’re OK, too 🙂 )
    I can’t wait to see more, and read all about the details.
    Sorry your vacation is over, but it’s nice to see you back 🙂

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